What are KBAs?

Vanessa Terry
September 2, 2022

KBAs, or knowledge-based authentication, is a type of security measure that is used to verify the identity of an individual. KBAs are often used in conjunction with electronic notarization, which is a process by which documents are electronically signed and witnessed.

KBAs typically involve the use of personal information that is known only to the individual being verified. This information may include items such as mother's maiden name, date of birth, or Social Security number. KBAs can be used to verify identity for a variety of purposes, including opening a new bank account, signing an important contract, or accessing sensitive information.

While KBAs can be effective in verifying identity, they are not foolproof. KBAs can be defeated if the attacker has access to the personal information required to answer the questions correctly. Additionally, KBAs can be difficult to use in situations where the individual being verified is not able to provide the required information. For these reasons, KBAs are often used in conjunction with other security measures, such as two-factor authentication such as ID Verification Analysis which our platform utilizes for extra security.

Our platform utilizes several identity verification methods to ensure the signer presenting themselves are truly who they say they are. We pride ourselves on not only protecting the notary but also the general public here at iNotarize. Stay connected for the release our industry-leading application coming soon.

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