RON in 2022

Vanessa Terry
August 31, 2022

One thing that 2021 taught us, is that technology is changing the way we do absolutely everything. We have found more time and cost-effective ways to operate in almost every industry. Well of course, the mortgage industry would be next. Since 2019, we have seen over a 500% increase in the use of Remote Online Notarizations for real estate transactions and basic individual documentation.

As we head into 2022, many are excited to make the transition to quicker and more efficient methods of document execution. Remote online notarizations are now allowed in over 40 states with most having enacted emergency legislation due to the Covid-19 pandemic. With the growing awareness from businesses and the general public, it has proved that RON is here to stay. Along with providing the actual product for remote online notarizations, we value educating all users on how to complete E-Notarizations securely and legally in every state currently allowing for RON

iNotarize is leading the way in maximizing the power and utilization of Remote Online Notarization. Set to launch officially in Spring of 2022, we have been working to create and implement processes and security measures not currently available in the notary industry. We have one surprise feature that is sure to amaze! Founder, Vanessa Terry, has worked in the Real Estate & Notarial space for almost 10 years and has been able to take her experience to answer the many shortcomings currently happening in the mortgage space as well as for individual consumers.

We encourage you to keep up to date with upcoming press releases and online content as we work towards our product launch in the coming months.

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